The History of the Twinbrush™ concept


The Evolution of the Twinbrush™: Prelude

The concept: to create a toothbrush that any man, woman, or child can use to clean their teeth and gums more effectively and in less time with the least amount of training or dexterity.

  monkey1Easier said than done. But when you see a chimpanzee take up the Twinbrush™ and start to use it correctly with almost no instruction, it makes you wonder why didn't anyone think of this before now!

Yes, it's true...this is a chimp brushing with the Twinbrush™. We were amazed how quickly she learned to brush with the Twinbrush™ when we produced our promotional video. What may seem a bit silly is actually a triumph in the evolution of the modern toothbrush, and a benefit to what our President and founder calls 'the gateway to health', the mouth.

The Evolution Part One: Plakadent

Around 1978 the toothbrush was about as common and uniform in design as the hair brush. But that changed quite suddenly when the Plakadent made its first appearance in stores in New York. The Plakadent was the brain child of drpsmileDr. Robert Porper, an oral maxillo-facial surgeon. Dr. Porper recognized the dexterity dilemma people faced when trying to clean all surfaces of the teeth and gums and envisioned the double-headed design. The Plakadent was successfully test marketed and the concept of the double-header, albiet ahead of its time, had arrived.

The Evolution Part Two: Twinbrush™

The double-headed design was innovative and clever, but originally very difficult to manufacture in volume.redfrontviewtableAs technology improved, the Twinbrush™ has become easier to manufacture. Also, design changes were implemented. The head was slimmed down and a row of bristles was removed to lessen the overall surface area. The new design was tested at Tufts University Dental School, and showed significant effectiveness in removing plaque over a leading single-headed toothbrush. The Twinbrush™ was test marketed successfully in the northeast in local pharmacies. A promotional video was produced highlighting the effectiveness and appeal of the Twinbrush™. The video included a clip from the Regis & Kathy Lee morning program showing Regis using the product and liking it! Following this successful test marketing, we decided to modernize the look and feel of the product, and invest in patent protection, engineering and manufacturing equipment geared to ramp us up for mass production. Also, we developed the internationally patented Power Twinbrush™.

The Evolution Part Three: Power Twinbrush™

The natural effectiveness of the Twinbrush™ is brought to new heights with the design of the elec1Power Twinbrush™. Dr. Porper's vision of creating the most effective and easy to use toothbrush is made crystal clear. Here at we hope to reach an international audience so that we can relate our own knowledge and understanding of the mouth. We hope the Twinbrush™ becomes as much a part of the the 21st Century as good oral hygiene. Remember, your mouth is the gateway to your overall health and well being.


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